Missionaries for Compassion toward Immigrants

Workshop and Coalition
06.July.2009, 22:29
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Hey, Sisters and Brothers!

Some great things have appeared on the horizon and continue to do so the more we move forward.

This weekend, we’ve scheduled the training workshop, where we’ll:

  • Have a brief seminar on the history of immigration/migration/borders/immigration law in the USA (15 minutes)
  • Have a religious discussion on immigration (hopefully Alma wants to do it!) for 15 minutes
  • 30-minute Question and Answer session on how to organize and what to do as a group member; we’ll also decide on new ideas and get people to suggest actions they’ve cooked up.
  • 15-minute speech thingy giving quick tips and outlining upcoming actions (closing remarks, basically)…

Day/Time: Saturday, 11 July, 3:00-4:15 PM



That’s very cool, but what’s especially exciting is a coalition that we can join that includes the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the Latin American Chamber of Commerce, Democracy Schools, and Comunidades Unidas.  It’s called the Utah Immigrant and Refugee Integration Coalition.  They want us to offer both our identity and our talents, and they want to help us be successful as an individual organization.

They have all sorts of great work we can get into, and will help us reach more folks to share what we know about our brothers and sisters.  There is a hotline they’re putting up for people going through immigration-related difficulties, as well as a network we can maintain to inform people as to voting and other civic participation, which we will be able to volunteer for, there is greater access to media outlets, and a TON of other opportunities.  I think getting our bill together and a petition to accompany it will be much easier as well.

This can get big, and awesome, and stick right to our original principles of staying out of liberal/conservative muck, representing ourselves and not the Church, and of course, actually DOING something.

Tell me what you think!  If you have something great to contribute, or useful advice or criticism, it’s all welcome.  This weekend, we’ll brief everybody on the upcoming excitement.



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