Missionaries for Compassion toward Immigrants

Update for September
09.September.2009, 12:31
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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It looks like the last weekend of this month, Democracy Schools will be training us on community organization, and showing us how to access their great resources targeted toward informing the public.  This supports our primary aim, to show people that we and our friends are indeed human beings, worthy of the respect that all human beings merit at birth!  They not only teach activists like us, but those in the community at large, especially the migrant community.  Democracy Schools, along with Comunidades Unidas and us, are part of the Utah Immigrant and Refugee Integration Coalition.  As you may have heard, they have a network that continues to form and get bigger, and will be able to distribute our information and calls to action rather instantaneously.  Contact Isabel Rojas for more information on that.  Please e-mail me if you want to participate in Democracy Schools, specifically.  My e-mail’s on this page.

So here’s an outline of our progress:

  • Utah State University chapter – Aggies for Compassion toward Immigrants:  These folks up in Cache County are doing great work.  They already have tons of signatures for the petition (see point below), and have a few programs of their own.  They are truly a model for any grouping of people acting on behalf of Missionaries for Compassion:
    • Service Projects (I suggest you talk to Josh Jones about that and other things!)
    • Media exposure with television, radio, and newspaper outlets
  • Documentary:  We are in both the production and post-production phases.  Anybody with connections to the television media in Utah and otherwise should please contact me (Aaron) or Raquel Zarco.  Our information is on the Facebook.com page.
    • This is an informative mini-documentary that outlines the legal reality and the latent effects of SB81 through interviews with legal professionals, interviews of community figures, and stories of migrant folks.
  • Replacement bill (repeal of SB81)/petition:  With more petition signatures, we gain power to push for a law which effectively undoes SB81 and introduces further humanitarian protections as well as an emphasis on identity theft.  Contact Bethany Crandall if you want to know how to print out the petition and to get signatures.

We’re looking to do a video night, perhaps at University of Utah, perhaps at BYU, depending on interest.  If you have a story you want to share in the documentary (every story helps!), contact Raquel Zarco.  We have until January to formulate our bill and get petition signatures to support its introduction.  Let’s get off our bums.  Any ideas?  Feel free to contribute, either commenting here, or contacting me directly.


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