Missionaries for Compassion toward Immigrants

the future of the group
27.April.2010, 22:09
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Hey brothers and sisters,

No one, not one person, showed up to the last meeting. That tells me motivation in Provo is dead. Again, showing up is the real way to show support, and there are some horrible things happening where our voices could be valuable and loud! Arizona’s 1070 and Utah’s similar proposals are evidence that 1) there is so much work to do, and 2) we’ve been idle too long.

However, there are some bright lights! Josh Jones up in Logan has organized Aggies for Compassion toward immigrants. They have been alive and well and continue to be an influence for good. Some of our friends in Los Angeles led by Scott Giles have been VERY active with Missionaries for Compassion Los Angeles. I have made them admins for the Facebook group, the Google Group, and the weblog. We should concentrate where motivation is strong, and I will be working with both of them to make sure they know our collaborators and are ready to take the reigns.

As always, you are welcome to contact me directly using the contact information you all have.

Stay strong, and go and do something!

Aaron Petterborg


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